Stavanger Smart Region

Stavanger Smart Region

March 5, 2020 / Test Arena / By Sindy S Birkelid

Stavanger Smart Region

Stavanger Smart Region invites to a series of meetings at Forus-Lab, a meeting place for everyone who works for smarter cities and communities, and those who are curious about the challenges the region's municipalities want to solve.

During the spring of 2020, we will hold 3 meetings that put 3 exciting topics on the agenda: Mobility, Democratization and LORAWAN. We start each meeting with a discussion on today's topic. Then, after a short lunch break, it will be possible to work on specific projects related to the topic of the meeting.

Mobility - March 5 2020

What schemes have been established for car sharing and what are the experiences with these from the municipalities, Innovation Park Stavanger / Kolumbus, and external private actors?

Kolumbus and Stavanger Innovation Park share experiences from the pilot scheme established at the Innovation Park. 10 electric cars are now available to just over a thousand employees in 160 companies in the Innovation Park. Employees can rent these cars for both business and private trips by reserving time in Hyre's app. The pilot project will last for 18 months, and Hyre manages the car fleet and the app solution to borrow the cars.

Democratization and citizen involvement - 18 June 2020

Collaboration between municipalities, businesses, organizations, academia and the citizens is the cornerstone for co-creation and developing better solutions and services in a sustainable society.

In this webinar, we have invited selected regional actors to provide an insight into some of the processes in which the co-creation principle is followed. How do we succeed and what experiences can be shared? What does it take to involve citizens and business when we co-create?

IoT, Senor Network and LORAWAN - 4 June 2020

LoRaWAN is a natural extension of the fiber network Lyse has laid over large parts of Norway. These days, the network is being opened to many Norwegian municipalities and homes, but what benefits can it provide? This webinar provides practical examples of how it is used today. In addition, we invite the business community to provide input on solutions that they want to test on LoRaWAN.

Look out for new invites and topics.


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