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InMyShoe was founded by Sindy S Birkelid in London in 2004. In 2007 InMyShoe was awarded the accolade of "Corporate Image Solutions Provider of the Year 2007" by Business Britain.

The criteria consisted of the following main points:

  • Range of Service
  • Additional Services
  • Customer Relations
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Appropriateness to Business Britain's Readers
  • Ease of implementation.

We have been working from Stavanger since 2008 and at InMyShoe we facilitate innovation and strategy processes using various tools and methods. In the development of customers' value propositions, value chains and business models, we set the goal of value-creating business development with social, environmental and economic gains. We have helped companies realize their ideas across industries and opportunity areas within; health and welfare, smart societies, clean energy and ocean as well as equipment and technology.

Business Britain Award Winner


We love what we do, we are very good at it, and we are completely fokused on your goals.

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Our Approach

Design used in the development process adds methodology with insight into customer and market needs that contribute to new, more functional and/or aesthetic solutions for the user. Knowledge of methodology that contributes to innovation in customers' business development often requires awareness-raising and maturation through good guidance on the process before it eventually ends up in specific projects.

Digitization, innovation and improvement work is about making changes that make everyday life easier for users and customers. Exploring how we can improve everyday life with technology and new work processeses, requires close dialogue with customers to identify their needs and develop solutions together.

By analyzing opportunities and challenges related to the project, it has been important to get a picture and status of the current situation in order to be able to facilitate for the future.

It is important to develop or apply the company's project methodology in relation to best practice and adapt projects with reporting and documentation. It is also important that the development of digital solutions is not only left to the technologists, but is well rooted in the business. Within a good structure and clear framework, it will often be appropriate to use both agile techniques, service design and an experimental approach. In this way risk is reduce and accuracy is increase, At the same time the implementation time can also often be reduced.

Our Certifications

Our Mission

InMyShoe acts as an integrator in an ecosystem working to create growth through collaboration, development and co-creation.

Vision: InMyShoe will be a guide in taking the right steps into a sustainable future through innovation, inclusion and diversity internationally.


  • Trust: Through everyday management, we believe in creating job autonomy through trust. It is important to achieve good inner motivations by giving direction and space to reach goals.
  • Openness: Creating a feeling of mastery is important where by giving each other a feeling of success through opennsess and strength-based feedback. This is done by doing more of what we are good at while challenging ourself, exploring ideas, thinking in new ways, being curious and showing willingness to learn.
  • Inclusion: Motivation is created through belonging and inclusion by being part of a community or an organisation.

New digital solutions will often affect both partners and customers, citizens and patients. The stakeholders must also be informed, involved, motivated and trained. This work must start simultaneous with the planning, so that the solution can take into account the changes of processess  of all concerned.


PRINCE2® Foundation – AXELOS


Project manager certification

IT Project Professional - PROMIS

IT Project Professional - PROMIS

ITPP combines the project methodology PRINCE2® together with agile techniques and best practices for contract management

Associate Sales Certification - OutSystem

Associate Sales Certification - OutSystems

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Sales Playbook


Through InMyShoe's work we can ensure a good holistic and coherence aproach by taking into account initiatives and activities as well as creating a culture and meeting place for collaboration and knowledge building.

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