What are the customer jobs to be done?

The best solution is "hired" to get the job done

Business modeling


A Business Model can be used to carry out strategic analyses and develop existing business ideas, test and document new ideas and to uncover and preserve new business ideas.

The Business Model Canvas


A business model has nine components: Customer Segment, Value Proposition, Channels, Customer Relationship, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activity, Key Partners and Cost Structure.

At InMyShoe it is especially important to do a thorough process around Value Proposition and the Customer Segment to get a good start working with the entire business model.

No matter where in the business model a company wants to innovate, innovation must be validated against the market.

Customer jobs
    The environment

    The environment

    It is important to understand the environment and the influence of external forces in order to adopt the business model. Osterwalder proposes to make a rough mapping of 4 areas in the surroundings:

        • Market forces
        • Industry forces
        • Key trends
        • Macroeconomic forces

    By setting up some main hypotheses about the future within the four mentioned areas, you can get some guidelines for what a business model might look like in the future.

    Evaluate regularly

    Evaluate regularly

    Regular assessment of an exsisting business model and analyse external forces from the inside out is an important management task. 

        1. Big picture assessment with a focus on primary strengths and weaknesses
        2. Detailed SWOT analysis assessing strengths, weakneses, opportunities, and treaths of each individual building block in the business model.
    Blue Ocean perspective

    Blue Ocean perspective

    By using the Blue Ocean strategy into the canvas, we can look at how changes in one part of the business model affect other parts. Blue Ocean and Osterwalder canvas can be combined by eliminating costs and reducing unnecessary elements on the left side of the canvas, while increasing supply and creating something new belongs on the right side of the canvas.