LoRaWAN Living Lab

LoRaWAN Living Lab

November 24, 2017 / Test Arena / By Sindy S Birkelid

LoRaWAN Living Lab

Do you have an idea that can make Stavanger a better city to live in with the help of technology? Interested in sensors and open data? You can test your idea in Stavanger's newly established LoRAWAN Living Lab.

A new investment in the LoRAWAN sensor network will be established in the center of Stavanger. Then Stavanger Municipality, Atea, Lyse and Creator Makerspace invite you to Hackathon on Sølvberget on the 24-25 of November 2017.

The goal is not to have a fully developed product, but a prototype and a good idea. A good team may consist of coders, business developers, designers, entrepreneurs, students, and more experienced people. Anyone who has an interest in making the urban environment smarter by using technology will fit in well.

The solution includes several features

that allow for measurement and control

of data where areas of use in the pilot

can be:

  • Environmental measurement
  • Garbage bin monitoring
  • Bicycle and car counting
  • Water level measurement


The municipality's open data is freely

available to anyone who wants to create new and useful digital products and services. Apps can be created for everything from school routes and public toilets to parking info and budgets. The datasets range from pedestrian data to an overview of ATMs, to school routes, location of health buildings and an overview of sculptures in Stavanger.

Some of this data is grouped on the following:

  • Sensor interesting
  • Used in apps
  • Dynamic datasets
  • Maps

This investment will open up for innovation and future service deliveries that will benefit the municipality and thus the citizens.

Smart Guardian:

My team tested and developed an idea based on “Smart Guardian” for lost connectivity or unreliable mobile phones. We tested two use cases through LoRaWAN; Lost child not responding and a device if tourists getting lost. The device can be placed inside your mobile cover or in the backpack of a child or tourist.

LoRaWAN Hackathon

Market potential:


  • Under 15 years: 950 000
  • Between 70 – 80: 500 000
  • Between 80 – 90: 200 000


  • Prekestolen: 250 000 – 300 000
  • Trolltunga: 70 000
  • Kjerag: 50 000
LoRaWAN Team
Smart Guardian
Smart Guardian


Jarle Aukland is a senior safety coordinator and trainer at Falke NuTek (a safety certification company). His statements is: "The dead battery problem on mobile phones is real and this sounds like a really good product. It is not just for tourists as most rescue operations involve regular hikers"


The product can be sold to customers, and tourist organizations can rent out or sell the product. The business model can be accelerated and scaled up and grow into different markets with different skins to different situations.

Look out for new Hackathon invites.


City of Stavanger


Public and Private sector



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