Bootcamp Sustainability

Bootcamp Sustainability

December 12, 2019 / Test Arena / By Sindy S Birkelid

Bootcamp Sustainability

Finding local solutions to global challenges is an art. A two-day Bootcamp is held for Sandnes and Stavanger and a bit for the world, where we use innovation methods to hatch good ideas together.

KS, Innovation Norway, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs, So Central, Samfunnssentralen, Stavanger municipality and Sandnes municipality are behind the Bootcamp on the 12-13 of December 2020.  Bootcamp is a gathering where we will try to solve some tangles together, and we will do it through co-creation. We hack on issues locally, with the potential for the solutions to be used globally.

In a good spirit of co-creation, the groups are made up of public and private employees, business, students, politicians, students, social entrepreneurs, designers, consultants and architects. Most participants are also residents of the region.

This little kinder egg consists of the following missions:

  1. Urban space development: Activity in the Ruten-park in Sandnes
  2. Port development: How to combine protection against future sea level rise, continued port operations and an attractive waterfront
  3. Open class (this is defined by you and the other participants)

Problem evaluated for Port developent:

How to create a future-oriented coherent flood solution that can be implemented in stages, which enables continuous port operations and provides an attractive framework for city life?

Solution proposal for a climate platform with food protection:

Use flood water as a resource that can create urban life for young people, especially on Holmen and Bekhuskaien.

With a water museum that includes a research room, it should be possible to measure the effect of climate change on maritime life with the help of sensors. This by facilitating an aquarium with biological diversity. Available data can be used and displayed on a large Dashboard for anyone who wants to learn more about the ocean and wind or who wants to create useful solutions to climate challenges.

It must be possible to change the urban space of the future with the water level in a positive way by using height differences. The water museum will also function as a gathering point to socialize with others. Utilizing hydropower from floodwaters into pipes by including water turbines, one should be able to create self-sufficiency of energy. Water tower collection with the opportunity for play, light effects and a waterfall with natural sounds from this energy will be good for both the health and well-being of visitors. The water will also be used for watering green plant walls.

Investing in necessary measures for climate change that create a better balance in the ecosystem will prevent major environmental damage. In the long run, the solution will save both the public sector and insurance companies large financial costs.

Look out for invites to new Bootcamps.


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