Subscription Tracker of the Future

Subscription Tracker of the Future

October 27, 2020 / Projects / By Sindy S Birkelid

Subscription Tracker of the Future

Subtrackr provides companies with an automatic overview and sustainable and financial control over fixed running costs. 

By using experiences from various technology suppliers and from Innovation Norway, InMyShoe has contributed to raising public funds to further develop the Fintech Startup company Subtrackr. 

Subtrackr has been testing and developing a new prototype together with several pilot customers and some municipalities. By capturing data automaticly from their financial system, we give them a better overview of recurring costs such as licenses, agreements and subscriptions. This is done by using technology.and intuitive categorization of services and subscriptions on an easy-to-understand Dashboard. This means that organisations can gain better control and make qualified decisions on the efficient use of resources in order to prioritize good services.

The channels are through ERP systems, integrators and financial managers. Subtrackr also have a partner agreement with Visma, which has framework agreements with some municipalities.

During the market clarification phase, customer business needs were tested through Design-Thinking. The MVP prototype was developed by using Lean-Startup as well as Agile software development methodology. Subtrackr has started the job of realizing the business idea in the commercialization phase by developing more functions iteratively, further testing and scaling of the business model. The launch is happening on June the 1st.


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