Digital Portal for Measurable Development

Digital Portal for Measurable Developemnt

May 03, 2021 / Projects / By Sindy S Birkelid

Digital Portal for

Measurable Development

Improve Startups gives me the opportunity to be part of a network where I can develop myself as a Mentor and leader while I can influence others to develop.

InMyShoe is cooperating with zmidi's mentoring service and have contributed to the establishment of Improve Startups. This is a unique digital platform and ecosystem that promotes collaboration and learning in development processes. Both companies and startups can have the opportunity to be part of a global system and environment with investors and mentors. It is motivating to contribute to creating a culture and a meeting place for collaboration and knowledge building through the network.

My motivation for the digital portal:

I am motivated to share and build knowledge through a digital portal for better collaboration while I can measure and follow up on opportunities and areas for improvement through agile development.

The Improve portal offers a training system with systematics for development, measurement, and documentation of effect. The system is very advanced and can be pointed agains a number of levels, ranging from how to implement processes within leadership development, both individually and teams, organisational development, strategy and goal management, sales training, lifestyle guidance, coaching and more.

The digital solution will make it easier for start-ups and growth companies to start a dialogue with various Mentors who can assist in all phases of development. The portal ensures a good overall context by considering initiatives and activities by gathering everything in one place. This makes it easier to measure and follow up progression and to come up with measures and improvements along the way. We will also be able to share knowledge and seek information for better collaboration by connecting partners and customers. In the future, we will set up various Webinars and digital events with exciting topics.

We can carry out competence development in a simple way both through the portal's Webinar and the Learning Management System. Exchange of expertise and experience is multiplied through integrated discussion forums. Measurable result and effect goals are ensured through automation of training measures that log time and performance in real time.


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