Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

January 14, 2021 / Perspectives / By Sindy S Birkelid

Equality and Diversity

The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce 50/50 Equality Program's goal is to achieve increased equality, inclusion, and diversity in the business community.

The program is a toolbox for "diversity" and the goal is that by 2024 the region's limited companies have a minimum of 40% of each gender in top management and board positions. The Chamber of Commerce will annually measure and report the effect of the program.

The companies that wants to participate in program will take a position to the programme's specific measures for organizational development. The design of the program is the result of a systematic collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce member companies and will ensure experience and competence transfer. InMyShoe is cooperating with zmidi's mentoring service which is a member at the Chamber of Commerce.

The measures to be followed up are divided in 3 and systematized into 12 specific measures for organizational development. We will work in groups and run several workshops with the following topics:

Organizational culture & management

  1. The board monitors the status of The Equality Program, and the degree of goals achieved in its own KPI.
  2. CEO/Managing Director is the manager of the Gender Equality Program.
  3. All managers are measured in their own KPI at conducting development talks.
  4. Organised formal mentoring program for female leadership talents, knowledge and experience sharing.

Work-life balance

  1. Full dad leave is a matter of course.
  2. Sick days for sick children are shared equally between dad and mom.
  3. Contact program corresponding to IA is introduced to parents on leave.
  4. Flexibility in working hours, location and tools are crucial to be able to  combine management position with family time.

Recruitment & talent development

  1. Structured Succession planning.
  2. Annual development interview for all employees with three annual follow-up interviews.
  3. Structured talent development program anchored with the CEO and the board.
  4. Women should be on the shortlist for leadership positions and board positions.


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