Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Developement Goals

January 25, 2021 / Perspectives / By Sindy S Birkelid

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN's sustainability goals are the world's shared work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030.

InMyShoe will contribute to several of the UN’s sustainability goals:

Good health and well-being

Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Ensures good health and promotes quality of life for everyone regardless of age. By encouraging to more activity through our projects and initiatives InMyShoe will contribute to better public health. Focusing on values such as trust, openness and inclusion that contributes to increased well-being also leads to public savings.

Goal 5: Gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in society. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce 50/50 Equality Program is a toolbox for "diversity" and the goal is that by 2024 the region's limited companies have a minimum of 40% of each gender in top management and board positions. InMyShoe is cooperating with zmidi's mentoring service and will take a position to the programme’s concreate measures for organizational development.

Gender equality
Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Promotes lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all. InMyShoe will collaborate across the public and private sectors that can provide new opportunities and jobs. This is done by reducing costs, improving local businesses by involving expertise and infrastructure in the region, as well as building sustainable marketplaces.

Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialization and contribute to innovation and development of infrastructure. InMyShoe contributes to restructuring the business community to become more sustainable through efficient use of resources and greater use of clean and environmentally friendly technology platforms.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Make cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. InMyShoe will contribute to significant public savings through better insight and knowledge. This will enable companies and municipalities to make better decisions and choices based on more sustainable services by providing opportunities for increased efficiency of resources and reducing costs by optimizing the right services.

Goal 13: Climate action

Takes immediate action to combat climate change and its consequences. The environmental benefits from the projects that InMyShoe is working with, and this contributes to achieving climate goals. Strengthens the ability of individuals and organizations to counteract, adapt and reduce the consequences of climate change. Raise their ability to warn early, as well as to strengthen their knowledge and awareness.

Climate action
Peace, justice and strong insitutions

Goal 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions

Promotes peaceful and inclusive societies with a view to sustainable development. InMyShoe puts people at the centre of the development of new digital solutions based on the individual's needs. We are involved in projects that respond to values, intentions, and individual rights. This means that we develop solutions that protect the individual.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Strengthens implementation funds and renew global partnerships for sustainable development. InMyShoe strengthen partnerships for sustainable development. We follow up stakeholders with a view to mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources in our efforts to contribute to achieve the sustainability goals.

Partnerships for the goals




Public and Private Sector




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