Citizen Platform for better Public Health

Citizen Platform for better Public Health
Citizen Platform for better Public Health
Citizen Platform for better Public Health

September 24, 2018 / Projects / By Sindy S Birkelid

Citizen Platform

for better Public Health

How to succeed more often with public-private innovation in the Smart city of Stavanger by building a bridge between test arenas and procurement?

I have taken the initiative to find out how to succeed more often with public-private innovation in the Smart city of Stavanger. The focus has been on testing new technology within public procurement frameworks by building a bridge between test arenas and procurement. The starting point was the "My Stavanger" R&D project where I assisted Bolder Technologies and Stavanger municipality with the pilot development of cloud services on a new citizen platform for better public health.

Innovation Audit:

I have conducted surveys, in-depth interviews and mapped important administrative areas to assess what inhibits and promotes the ability to innovate in the municipality. Factors that were considered were: the leadership role in innovation development, open innovation, innovation arena and process, the culture, and structural or cultural inertia. Emphasis was placed on the management's importance in the innovation work to improve internal processes, build a culture for innovation with dedicated teams and reduce risk.

The project will give the City of Stavanger new knowledge about the use and facilitation of public infrastructure in close collaboration with key partners. The project will connect municipalities, businesses and citizens and is in line with the new GDPR standard. By capturing and sharing open data, will provide better insight, analysis and solid support in decision making. Sensors, IoT, AI and machine learning are used to interact with both the physical environment, humans, and other machines. This is on a shared platform with the development of new public services in the cloud which the citizens will have access to.

Pilot services:

The pilot service "My Everyday Hike" is based on the 52 established daily hikes in Stavanger. Small digital sensors along the hiking trail can interact with your mobile, smart watches and arm bands where the user is notified when they approach a point. This can act as a digital activity card that provides information based on your goals and interests. Content can be created by both citizens, municipalities, and other providers. The pilot service "My Meeting Place" is based on the same technology as the everyday hike, and there are several natural meeting places in Stavanger municipality. Here more activity is encouraged through digital sensors and virtual games.


Applying platform technology as in the "My Stavanger" project sees health and preventive health as an exciting development area where the link between care and digitalisation is important. Much of the investment in municipalities is within health and the environment, where the most important drivers are technology, cooperation, and citizen involvement. The growth gap they want to make is better and more efficient services to the citizens, new businesses, and jobs as well as more sustainable societal development.

My initial strategy work will contribute to better collaboration with more development and collaboration projects and a strategy on management models with a guide on innovation projects. The work is documented with a report that initiates a change process with a plan for follow-up. 


The "My Stavanger" project with a new citizen platform and application was launched at the inter-municipal joint stand at Nordic Edge 2018.


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