Active and Conscious Lifestyle

Active and Conscious Lifestyle
Active and Conscious Lifestyle
Active and Conscious Lifestyle

June 04, 2020 / Projects / By Sindy S Birkelid

Active and Conscious Lifestyle

Bolder will develop a new indoor Multi-experience center/Living-lab that will be 10 times larger than their current climbing center.

Business idea:

Bolder wants to position themselves as a globally leading supplier towards physical and digital lifestyles with a digitized user experience. In addition, develop a new concept that improves customers' overall experience at a new indoor Multi-experience center for an active and conscious lifestyle. The center will include "Co-Workspace", several types of experiences in addition to physical activities, meeting rooms, events, food and drink. 


Bolder wants the value chain in the new center to be viewed from a user and customer perspective. By placing the customer and users (instructors, members, etc.) at the center of a holistic service development, they want to identify issues, challenges and opportunity areas that will provide an opportunity to improve the customer experience and create new and profitable services. The work will give Bolder concrete input on future product and service development in a holistic perspective that can be transferred to create inspiration in other arenas.


I have performed an analysis of Bolder in connection with the development of the new experience center and research and development lab. I then mapped and analysed the customer journey by structuring and facilitating a brand strategy and service design project. By facilitating the customer project and tender process with external suppliers, I quality assured and approved the assignment description, as well as the offer and contract where Montaag won the assignment. I also approved the budget with activities and the use of resources.

  • Fundig
  • Strategic advice; business modeling, brand strategy, visual identity and service design
  • R&D support; pilot testing of two services with Stavanger municipality


The experience center has been given the name; Air by Bolder. The new center has had a trial opening in the summer of 2020, and in the autumn they opened for the first annual memberships.


Air by Bolder AS


Technology & Lifestyle


Strategic advisor, Design and 

Business development, R&D, Funding

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