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  By creating a professional partnership with Mamut and using Mamut Enterprise as a platform for our customers we have been able to implement the most business-transforming aspects of e-business for our clients.
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  InMyShoe have been part of NewBusiness Expert Panel.
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  InMyShoe have been awarded the prestigious "Corporate Image Solutions Provider of the Year 2006/07 Award" in Business Britain Magazine.
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Business Britian Award Winner

Mamut's solution has played a large role in InMyShoe's customer relationship management (CRM). Through our website we want to offer you useful information and services and by improving supply-chain operations we can build business partnerships with business customers and suppliers. Our customer service is a key part of our company's brand; enhancing trust and building sales.


Kim FletcherKim Fletcher, Business Link Kent
Online marketing is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses. With more people going online and the use of broadband spreading, it makes sense for companies to look at the internet as a way of targeting existing and new customers.

The first step for any online marketing is to research the market and set goals for implementing your strategy. These should be specific, for example reducing cost per sale or expanding the business into new markets. Objectives should also be measurable, such as an increase in sales, more leads or an increase in the average value of each sale.

Websites are now considered a basic marketing tool, whether it is simply promoting the company or encouraging sales. A good website, with the right design and features can attract trade from anywhere around the globe. A website allows you to operate and be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the world and also allows you to compete with larger businesses.

Email marketing is a quick, easy and often extremely cheap method of getting your message across to a targeted audience. For it to be effective, you must identify the right market, plan it with care, ensure it is interesting and relevant to customers, both existing and potential.

Lastly, evaluation is key to the strategy. Feedback from both staff and customers is imperative to ensure your online marketing campaign is worthwhile and can be improved for future activity. This can be achieved via a pop-up survey to find out how and why customers visited the site. A prize or incentive could be offered to ensure customers respond.

For further details see www.businesslink.gov.uk

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Case Studies
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I used InMyShoe to design the website for my company, and I was extremely pleased with the end result.
IMS listened attentively to my brief and went the extra mile to ensure that the site was exactly as I wanted it to be.

Kreativity Ltd
Effective Corporate Communication

We have enjoyed the collaboration with InMyShoe. They have been extremely creative, and their attitude has been fantastic, always meeting our ever changing needs...

NBCC General Manager
Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce

I needed a website that was visually attractive, easy to navigate, yet simple.
InMyShoe has a very good understanding of design and how website should reflect your business and fit into your overall branding...

The Writer's Agency Ltd

We wanted something visually strong that would set us apart from the competition. InMyShoe's animation skills really came into their own, when they designed a totally unique website that appealed directly to our target market...

Santa's Postbox

InMyShoe worked on the design for our new company and created something that fitted with the direction and style of the business, whilst being distinctive and original...

PV3 Ltd
Experts at Affinity

We found InMyShoe to be flexible, innovative and effective. You are also very responsive and we will come back to you with a new job asap...

Founder of Memetix
Strategy & Leadership Systems