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  By creating a professional partnership with Mamut and using Mamut Enterprise as a platform for our customers we have been able to implement the most business-transforming aspects of e-business for our clients.
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  InMyShoe have been part of NewBusiness Expert Panel.
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  InMyShoe have been awarded the prestigious "Corporate Image Solutions Provider of the Year 2006/07 Award" in Business Britain Magazine.
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Business Britian Award Winner

Through featured editorials on media sites, trade magazines and specialist sites InMyShoe will educate and inform you and the wider communities in which our business operates. Clarity of content and purpose will continue to shine through in all mediums and impressive and compelling design is important for a variety of reasons including brand identity and establishing credibility.


Business Britain recently awarded InMyShoe “Corporate Image Solutions Provider of the Year 2006/07”.
Published: June/July-2007

According to Sindy Birkelid, Managing Director of InMyShoe Ltd, Companies need to validate their business model and their market to get the most out of their campaigns. It is important to put together a creative strategy that will use the right medium to get across the right message to the right target market. Every company, large or small has an image and it is important to manage this correctly and effectively. A strong corporate identity says that a company is professional and well organised. It enables a company to stand out from the crowd and gives the outside world a clue as to the personality of a business. A strong corporate identity is also an easy way to convince the world that you really do mean business.

Sindy S Birkelid

Sindy Birkelid, the Director of InMyShoe Ltd, has many years of industry experience putting together marketing campaigns for a range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations as well as developing brands and creative solutions for the Internet and Interactive TV. She came to the UK from Norway in 1993 to study BA (Hons) Communication Media and Master of Arts in Time Based Media with Electronic Imaging, and has run her own Design Consultancy since 2004.

Business Britain recently caught up with Sindy to put to her the following questions :-

Q: As the winner of Business Britain’s corporate image solutions provider of the year 2006/2007, please accept our congratulations to yourself and your team. What do you think being recognised in this way will mean to InMyShoe?

A: To be recognised for the quality of our service and winning one of Business Britain’s main Award Categories is a fantastic achievement to InMyShoe. The benefits of winning the award will give us the extra push to move the company forward and to expand our customer base.

Q: A strict criteria is adhered to when the management of Business Britain decide upon a winner, one of these is the range of services provided. Could you describe the range of services which InMyShoe provides and how this may have contributed to the final decision of the judges.

A: InMyShoe offer fresh and creative ways of promoting our clients and offer cross-platform solutions to survive in today’s digital Media Age. By communicating our client’s brands strongly and effectively and by taking advantage of new technology, marketing segments and concepts we extend the brand image further into the business through PR campaigns, advertising, stationary, e-newsletters and websites.

Q: Do you have any additional services which compliment what you may describe as your core range?

A: We have many years of experience putting together marketing campaigns for a range of clients as well as developing brands and creative solutions for the Internet. Additional services we offer include imaging and illustration, moving images and animation, CD-ROM Production and Interactive TV Design.

Q: Another criteria is customer relations, what do you think it was about InMyShoe in terms of communicating with your customers which caused you to score so highly in this category?

A: Internet is an important tool in our day-to-day work to improve cost and efficiency. Through the Internet we can improve the supply-chain operation and the ability to build business partnerships with business customers and suppliers. The Internet plays a large role in customer relationship management (CRM) where we attract customers to our website by offering them useful information and services.

Email is widely used and is central to our business’s Internet marketing strategy as it helps us into meaningful and rewarding relationships with people and our customers. Email marketing through regular newsletters also helps develop mutually beneficial relationships through regular contact. Our customer service is a key part of our company’s brand enhancing trust and building sales.

Q: Marketing and promotion obviously plays a large role within your organisation, both internally and externally. Could you please comment on the factors which have contributed to your great success in regard to this aspect of your operation?

A: It is important to go through an internal process which informs and involves building our business presence around core brand values. Before any effective and appropriate marketing communication can be done it is essential to define our corporate identity by looking at the real nature of our business. Similarly for our clients we also go through a requirements analysis to determine their goals, needs and targets before InMyShoe put together a creative strategy using the right medium to get across the right message to the right target market.

Q: A further criteria which is considered is that of cost effectiveness. What policies and measures does InMyShoe have in place to maintain your competitive edge?

A: We have a marketing plan in place for the year ahead and consider what promotional tactics will be the most effective. We also measure the effectiveness from any marketing campaign we run by keeping it up to date and adding all key results.

InMyShoe want to promote ourselves in a positive and competitive light, so it is a good idea to use PR (public relations) as often as possible since it costs less and doesn’t have the negative connotations which can be associated with direct advertising. We use both online and offline channels that are authorities in our industry. Editorials on media sites, trade magazines and specialist sites offer great value where consumers are more likely to trust the endorsement of an editor.

Using strong methods of communication though the Internet has also got an impact on how we are slicing our marketing budgets and for it to be effective we have identified the right market and planed it with care to ensure it is interesting and relevant to both potential and existing customers. By improving trade relationships and reducing cost of servicing online we will directly increase efficiency and profitability.

Q: You state in your literature that you believe in the power of images. Could you elaborate on this concept and give specific examples in terms of the corporate images which you have created?

A: Your logo needs to suit your business and appeal to your target market as well as help to create a positive, professional and consistent image of your business. Your logo also identifies the current values and direction of your business and it can be used to build recognition and increase familiarity and trust amongst your customers.

InMyShoe have also specialist knowledge of digital branding and interface effectiveness to create a unique customer experience. Prominent navigation structure, accessibility and usability experience across the site where the site should deliver what if offers.

Clarity of content and purpose will continue to shine through in all mediums and design choices needs to be weighed against meeting the customer’s needs in order to achieve its goal. Impressive and compelling design is important for a variety of reasons including creating brand identity, entertaining and drawing people in and establishing credibility.

InMyShoe Ltd have successfully provided corporate image solutions to a wide range of organisations amongst which are; Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce, Creative Coaching Ltd - Inspiring Success, Kreativity Ltd - Effective Corporate Communication, PV3 Ltd - Experts at Affinity, Freedman Green Ltd - Solicitors, Avarer AS – When Music Really Matters, Bluhe Ltd – Designer Swimwear for Men, MEMEtix Ltd – Strategy and Leadership System.

Q: Do you have many opportunities to deliver multilingual design projects and what recent clients may have exploited this aspect of your service?

A: As the Company Director and Owner of InMyShoe I came to UK from Norway in 1993 so Norwegian is my native language. I also understand the other Scandinavian languages, German and of course I’m fluent in English.

The clients who have recently exploited this aspect of our service are; Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce, where we also have the opportunity to be part of the Norwegian-British business and culture community. Our client MEMEtix apply strategy and leadership systems to both individuals and organisations and operate all over Europe, and have offices located in London, Luxembourg, Stockholm and Oslo. Avarer is another client based in Norway and are leaders in High-End, HI-FI and Home Cinema systems selling Revel, Mark Levinson and Lexicon Products.

We also have an introducer agreement with Mamut Business Software which covers all elements of the value chain of the business and represents the markets most complete finance and information system and Internet solution tailored to SME’s. Mamut has offices in UK, Ireland, Netherland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. InMyShoe have recently designed and integrated Mamut’s Ecommerce solution into our client Bluhe’s online store, offering a new range of designer swimwear for men.

Q: Do you think there is a role to play in the wider European community for InMyShoe, and are you satisfied that enough steps are being taken to exploit these opportunities?

A: With my background in Norway and experience in the UK as well as having European customers and suppliers I’m sure InMyShoe have a lot to offer the wider European community. Currently we are only operating from the UK ansd are looking to expand the team with the right members who share our core brand values. When the time is right we would wish to set up an office in Norway and potentially in other European countries for InMyShoe’s future growth.

Business Britain are proud to have awarded InMyShoe with this years, 2006/07, Corporate Image Solutions Provider of the Year !

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